Educational Reforms for School Development in Sweden

Third-cycle level | 7.5 credits | Course code: FOU1816

Course description

In this course we will focus on the development of the Swedish school from 1960 until today. We will discuss how ideas about steering and changing schools have evolved over time. We will focus in particular on the inner organization of local school development, especially with regard to the importance of the profession for the inner organisation of work. However, we will also review how municipalities have implemented policy reforms, including what this has meant for local school and professional development. Finally, we will consider the development of the Swedish school within a context of international views and global trends.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

For admission to the course, the doctoral student has to be registered as student in the third cycle.


In case of more eligible applicants than number of places, admission to postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Education is given priority.

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Department of Education and Special Education


Educational Science

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skolutveckling, professionsutveckling, utbildningsreformer

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