Environmental Biophysics – states and processes in plant canopies

Third-cycle level | 3.0 credits | Course code: NBEB303

Course description

The course is largely based on the book “An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics” by GS Campbell and JM Norman. In addition, a number of further relevant aspects of abiotic conditions in plant canopies not directly covered by book are included in the course, such as mechanistic ecosystem-modelling  (COUP model), measurement techniques (e.g. eddy covariance for gas fluxes and significance of radiation protection in observations of temperature and air humidity), horizontal gradients of e.g. temperature and humidity in the landscape and the response of plants to different qualities (wavelengths) of light. The participants will be provided with data files from real observations of meteorological variables and gas concentrations. Based on the data the participants are expected to solve a number of quantitative problems, solution of which required to be submitted to pass the course.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

PhD student in relevant research field.


1. PhD students at the Faculty of Science, University of Gothenburg

2. PhD students of the research school ClimBEco (common for Lund University and University of Gothenburg)

3. Other qualified candidates

Course syllabus



Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences


Natural Science and Mathematics

Type of course

Subject area course

Research School/Graduate School



miljöbiofysik, environmental biophysics, vegetation, ekofysiologi, ecophysiology

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