Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 1: Basic Course

Third-cycle level | 5.0 credits | Course code: NFNF303
HT 2022
Study period: 2022-09-20 - 2022-12-06
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2022-04-20 - 2022-06-09

Course description

This course is especially aimed at PhD students at the Faculty of Science. The course will focus on the teacher's role as a laboratory work supervisor, calculation exercise instructor and field assistant and is primarily aimed at those with little teaching experience. Together with other doctoral students, you will practice planning, implementing and analyzing your own teaching. Exchange of experience, research literature, higher education pedagogy and regulations / governing documents are also included.

The course gives the same eligibility as other PIL101 courses. It is open for both Swedish-speaking and non-Swedish-speaking applicants.

Do you have any questions about the course? Please contact the course leader Jonas Enger! jonas.enger@physics.gu.se

Target group

The course is mandatory to all PhD students at the Facylty of Science (unless they can show proof of never doing any teaching).

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

The course is open to all graduate students enrolled in doctoral or licentiate programs at the Faculty of Science. PhD students from other faculties, and senior researchers within the Faculty of Science, are welcome to enroll with the understanding that Faculty of Science PhD students are given first preference.

Participants are welcome from any area of science, mathematical sciences, and conservation.


This course is especially aimed at PhD students at the Faculty of Science.

Please note: PhD students from other than the Faculty of Science, are recommended to instead apply for the general course PIL101, via PIL's web page: https://pil.gu.se/english/courses_in_english/teaching_and_learning_in_higher_education_1

Persons at the Faculty of Science who are not PhD students can also apply, but the seats will be subject to availability. The same applies to persons at other faculties.

Those who only receive a reserve seat in the first round, will be informed by June 17 if they may join the course or not.

Other information

A preliminary scheme is available at the PIL web: https://cloud.timeedit.net/gu/web/webres_emp/ri13960Yg56573Q0g3QY65l6Z769X45476ZY590yZ06QZ5Q6Qet4o6At0B79A703dZ3F387A1Q9F9A197FB9812FB8CFQ1A1.phtml

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Faculty Office for Science


Educational Science

Type of course

Generic skills courses


Teaching, Learning; Pedagogy

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