Experimental methods

Third-cycle level | 7.5 credits | Course code: PX33002

Course description

The course deals with experimental studies' research process, from design via analysis to publication. After initial review of the scientific theoretical basis and main design types of the experimental method, selection and testing of independent and dependent variables will be problematized. Questions about effect size, statistical assumptions and control methods are reviewed. The course deals with analysis of experimental data (e.g. main effects, interactions, à priori contrasts, post hoc tests, mediating analyses) for different typical designs. In addition, the course includes a part on how experimental studies are reported, including publishing strategies.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

The student must be admitted to the PhD Programme in Psychology.

The student must also have a passing grade on the third cycle course General Research Methodology: Design, Analysis and Report (15 HEC), or have equivalent knowledge obtained in another manner.


Doctoral students admitted at the Department of Psychology

Doctoral students admitted at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Doctoral students admitted at another faculty at the University of Gothenburg or another university in Sweden

Doctoral students admitted at a university outside Sweden

Other information

Officer for doctoral studies, Ann Backlund, ann.backlund@psy.gu.se

Course syllabus



Department of Psychology


Social Science

Type of course

Method course


experimentella studier, publiceringsstrategier, huvudeffekter, interaktioner, à priori-kontraster, post hoc-tester, medieringsanalyser, Experimental studies, Publishing strategies, Main effects, Interactions