General Research Methodology: Design, Analysis and Report

Third-cycle level | 15.0 credits | Course code: PX33003
HT 2020
Study period: 2020-08-25 - 2021-01-21
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in Swedish but can be given in English if necessary
Application period: 2020-06-04 - 2020-07-01

Course description

The course includes four subcourses and covers central aspects of the research process, as well as principles and questions related to quality assessment, research planning, problem formulation, statistical data analysis, presentation of a research project, and research ethics.

  1. The research process - from problem to report (covers the different stages of the research process, from problem formulation to report)
  2. Design issues in psychological research (covers central concepts in the research process, and types of research design)
  3. Principles of statistical data analysis (covers the basic principles of statistical data analysis, and also problematizes traditional statistical hypotheses testing)
  4. Literature reviews and meta-analysis (covers different types of research reviews, how they are conducted and reported)


Target group

It´s a compulsory course for students admitted to the PhD Programme at the Dept. of Psychology, University of Gotenburg

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

The student must be admitted to the PhD Programme.


PhD student at Department of Psychology

PhD students enrolled at another faculty at the University of Gothenburg or another university in Sweden

PhD students enrolled at another university within a formal collaborative agreement on doctoral education with

PhD students enrolled at a university outside Sweden

Other information

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