Third-cycle level | 3.0 credits | Course code: SC00003
VT 2021
Study period: 2021-03-15 - 2021-03-26
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2020-10-01 - 2020-10-21

Course description

The aim of the course is to introduce proteomics and the methods used in proteomics. The course will cover separation of proteins and peptides, sample preparation techniques, basic theory of biological mass spectrometry and LC-MS/MS instruments, data analysis and bioinformatics of MS data.

Invited speakers will highlight applications in proteomics and related fields. Teaching will be performed through lectures, instrument demos, laboratory exercises, literature survey and group exercises.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

To qualify for admission to the course, the student has to be registered as a PhD student. Biochemistry on ground level.


Selection is performed according to the following:

  1. PhD student at Sahlgrenska Academy,
  2. PhD students enrolled at another university within a formal collaborative agreement on doctoral education with Sahlgrenska Academy,
  3. PhD students enrolled at another faculty at the University of Gothenburg or another university in Sweden,
  4. PhD students enrolled at a university outside Sweden.

Other information

Course coordinator: Carina Sihlbom,
Course administrator: Zerif Olsen,
Course dates: weeks 11-12 (15-26 March 2021)
Number of course places: 7-12

Course syllabus



Core Facilities

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