Introduction to Research (part I)

Third-cycle level | 8.0 credits | Course code: SM00018
HT 2021
Study period: 2021-09-20 - 2021-12-10
LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: The course is given in English
Application period: 2021-04-01 - 2021-06-01

Course description

"Introduction to research, 8 credits" is part I of the obligatory PhD course.

The course include the following elements:

  • Introduction to the PhD programme
  • Theory of Science and Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Research Ethics
  • Orientation in Medical Statistics
  • Communication of Research
  • Information Retreival

This course (part I) is a full time course with two scheduled course periods, three weeks and two days long, respectively. Individual and group assignments will take place between these periods.

Course dates: weeks 38-40 as well as 9-10 December 2021. The course will be taught online the fall term 2021.

Target group

It is mandatory for all PhD students at Sahlgrenska Academy to partake in the introductory course and part I of the course should be taken at the beginning of your education.

Requirements and Selection

Entry requirements

Introduction to Research (8 hp) comprises together with the Half-time Seminar (5 hp) and the PhD Proficiency Course (2 hp) the obligatory course of all-together 15 hp at the Sahlgrenska Academy. Introduction to Research (8 hp) should be taken during the first semester after commencement of PhD studies, or as soon as possible thereafter. 

For admission to the course there is a requirement of admission to PhD studies.


Selection is performed according to the following:

  1. PhD students at Sahlgrenska Academy,
  2. PhD students enrolled at another university within a formal collaborative agreement on doctoral education with Sahlgrenska Academy,
  3. PhD students enrolled at another faculty at the University of Gothenburg or another university in Sweden,
  4. PhD students enrolled at a university outside Sweden.

Other information

Course coordinators: Hanna Augustin and Linnea Bärebring,
Course administrator: Eva Axelsson,
Course dates: weeks 38-40 (20 September - 8 October 2021) as well as December 9-10 (the final seminar). The course will be taught online the fall term 2021.

Course syllabus



Institute of Medicine


Health Sciences

Type of course

Generic skills courses


obligatory course, introduction to research

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